Monday, December 20, 2010

The state of World Of Warcraft Cataclysm heroics.

To start off this is my opinion. But I believe  most people will agree with me because im basing my judgment of the current state of heroics off of my experiences so far. Many complaints have been made agaisnt blizzards new heroics. Why? Because they are extremely CHALLENGING. Challenging is the perfect word for this. They are not hard. Theyre challenging. I personally, LOVE them but at the same time I hate them. They arent the faceroll they used to be at all. But in a way it is frustrating.

To start I understand CC is necessary. But is it really necessary FOR EVERY GOD DAM PULL!? Every pull a tank makes me CC a target and so does someone else with a CC. I understand if they would have made a few pulls require CC for healers and whatever else they added to that particular group of mobs but honestly it gets a bit repetitive CCING EVRYTHING. Its sickening. Im going to have nightmares of sheeps and green roots trapping me to the ground...

Boss fights are EXTREMELY fun. However they are very drawn out. Yes, to a certain extent it does really depend on the groups gear but honestly I fought with the god dam tornado douche bag in Vortex Pinnacle for like 10 minutes. I mean that god dam dragon makes his tornado cyclone craps everywhere. But anyway back to heroic bosses in general, very fun and challenging BUT little drawn out.
The length of heroics themselves is excellent. They arent too long ,but its the boss fights which make them seem very long. Once people begin learning the fights im sure they'll seem alot smaller, because they are. They are actually quite a bit smaller than WOTLK heroics (which I miss) A typical dungeon run in WOTLK took about a half hour, now id say they are taking about an our and a half.

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