Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blizzard Product slate leak!

Ok so as its been said on MMO-champ and other mmo sites around the world there is a "SUPPOSEDLY" leaked blizzard product slate..... hmmmm Im not sure. Lets have a look shall we? 


Now that my friends, is pretty god dam interesting!

Lets start from the top shall we?

BNET-2 Seems like the battlenet intergration went as planned!
Starcraft2 Once again, where it belongs

Ok heres where I start to doubt this

Diablo 3.. how could you have two planned expansions already, and dates for them as well? Maybe im over analyzing this... possibly just placeholders for when they want to release them... im sure this stuff isnt exact.

mmmmm WoW seems like its got a lifetime of life left in it!

Look at that another two expansions headed our way after cata! Sounds good!! Long live WoW!
Im also EXTREMELY HYPED for the WoW movie, pretty effin cool.

Titan, oh yeah thats..... wait a second... what the santa clause shit is that!? Hang on, TO GOOGLE WE GO!

Wow.... either im a bad googler or this shit is just unknown...if anyone knows anything about this. DROP ME A LINE!

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