Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy Free Throw by Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek

Ok so.....apparently we have jedis in Idaho state..... cause honestly, what the fuck happened to the ball?
And why the FUCK is superman there?!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Star wars kid.

Ah an instant classic. Here are my favorite ones, starting with the original, and than my absolute favorite remixes!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spam email fail!

Apparently to whoever is sending me spam mail, is just a bit confused.

Yep, like a girl!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Minecraft is amazing!

Ok guys so ive been on a minecraft RAMPAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Ive made a huge island full of buildings ugh I cant stop playing.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The state of World Of Warcraft Cataclysm heroics.

To start off this is my opinion. But I believe  most people will agree with me because im basing my judgment of the current state of heroics off of my experiences so far. Many complaints have been made agaisnt blizzards new heroics. Why? Because they are extremely CHALLENGING. Challenging is the perfect word for this. They are not hard. Theyre challenging. I personally, LOVE them but at the same time I hate them. They arent the faceroll they used to be at all. But in a way it is frustrating.

To start I understand CC is necessary. But is it really necessary FOR EVERY GOD DAM PULL!? Every pull a tank makes me CC a target and so does someone else with a CC. I understand if they would have made a few pulls require CC for healers and whatever else they added to that particular group of mobs but honestly it gets a bit repetitive CCING EVRYTHING. Its sickening. Im going to have nightmares of sheeps and green roots trapping me to the ground...

Boss fights are EXTREMELY fun. However they are very drawn out. Yes, to a certain extent it does really depend on the groups gear but honestly I fought with the god dam tornado douche bag in Vortex Pinnacle for like 10 minutes. I mean that god dam dragon makes his tornado cyclone craps everywhere. But anyway back to heroic bosses in general, very fun and challenging BUT little drawn out.
The length of heroics themselves is excellent. They arent too long ,but its the boss fights which make them seem very long. Once people begin learning the fights im sure they'll seem alot smaller, because they are. They are actually quite a bit smaller than WOTLK heroics (which I miss) A typical dungeon run in WOTLK took about a half hour, now id say they are taking about an our and a half.

Leave Sylvanas alone!

My god I am sick of people calling that poor woman a bitch! We all heard Garrosh say it in Silverpine, but here we go again IN SFK!


I happen to be a fan of sylvanas! Grrrrr!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Of all the things to distract gnomes blizzard has chosen something very interesting.

In a quest in uldum you are required to use a device to distract gnomes while you steal bombs and stuff. THIS is what distracts a gnome!

Haha, now thats just random!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PVC pipe instrument.

A Loyola Marymount student seems to have built a pretty sick instrument out of PVC pipe....yes...


He plays an incredible medley of songs. Check it out.

World's first level 85: Athene

Athene is probably one of the greatest WoW players of all time, check out this link where he explains what he did to get to 85 first, and why. He claims hes working on something big, what he calls

"the most important project of his life"


Alright so, this quest is pretty sick. Its called Tailgunner! Basically, after completeing a few quests in uldum (I wont ruin it) You make an indiana jones style escape in an air plane, and guess what your job really guess.....YOU GOT IT! Tailgunner. You have to buttons, one for a machine gun and one for heat-seeking rockets. Its a pretty cool quests. Here are some screenshots!

Remember to click them to make them bigger!

Part of the cinematic before takeoff.

Another part of the cinematic before takeoff.

Shooting bitches up!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vashj'ir..... inappropriate

Well ive been enjoying the new zones so far! (already level 82)

Shame on you blizzard!

Monday, December 6, 2010

You guys have GOT to try this game. QWOP.

So I heard about this game qwop.. you can find it HERE

Ok heres a quick disclaimer.


Ok so basically theres four buttons, yes you guessed it Q,W,O,P. Q & W control this fucking abominations Thighs and O & P control his god dam calves.

First of all the calves dont even move, it just makes him to some weird break dancing shit move.

He looks like a god dam cocoa puff having a heart attack. Seriously......whatever check it out HERE and make sure to tell me how far you got!!

Mac app store coming in just a few days.

Apple is a company that will usually keep things under wraps, but according to the apple website it seems to tell us that the app store, will soon be coming to mac...... and its in just a couple of days.

If you head on over to the apple site you'll see that they've gotten rid of their silly beatles propaganda and created a nice advertisement for the mac app store.

I personally think this will be pretty cool. I love buying and using apps on my iphone, so why not do the same thing on my mac? Im just curious about pricing, will we see .99 cent apps on this mac app store? Probably not but hey ya never know!..... Now my next adventure is to learn how to make a dam app for mac. WTB PRO CODER!


Cataclsym launches.... TOMMOROW

Ladies and gentleman the day weve been waiting for, is.... TOMMOROW!

What will you do first?

Me? Youll find me home from school...errr sick ;) Leveling my mage to 85.

So tell me, what will you do first?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The new WoW community site!

Yeah, its been around for a few weeks now but im looking to see how people feel about it?

I mean, I kind of feel like it was MUCH needed. The old site was just....outdated? Now its pretty fancy! You can manage your account and post on the forum really easily now. I dont know why my character picture is greyed out. Usually it shows a live view of your character. I think I heard theres just some technical difficulties, im sure it will be fixed.

But anyway im loving the layout and the new forum. I cant wait until the old site is COMPLETELY gone though. Something about it annoys me. What do you guys think?

Blizzard Product slate leak!

Ok so as its been said on MMO-champ and other mmo sites around the world there is a "SUPPOSEDLY" leaked blizzard product slate..... hmmmm Im not sure. Lets have a look shall we? 


Now that my friends, is pretty god dam interesting!

Lets start from the top shall we?

BNET-2 Seems like the battlenet intergration went as planned!
Starcraft2 Once again, where it belongs

Ok heres where I start to doubt this

Diablo 3.. how could you have two planned expansions already, and dates for them as well? Maybe im over analyzing this... possibly just placeholders for when they want to release them... im sure this stuff isnt exact.

mmmmm WoW seems like its got a lifetime of life left in it!

Look at that another two expansions headed our way after cata! Sounds good!! Long live WoW!
Im also EXTREMELY HYPED for the WoW movie, pretty effin cool.

Titan, oh yeah thats..... wait a second... what the santa clause shit is that!? Hang on, TO GOOGLE WE GO!

Wow.... either im a bad googler or this shit is just unknown...if anyone knows anything about this. DROP ME A LINE!

World Of Warcraft 4.0.3a Arcane Mage guide!

Sup guys incase you didnt know, I play a mage! Now, if youve stumbled upon this blog post that means you most likely need help speccing, and playing your arcane mage. Im here to help! This post is short, and simple.

To start off, lets take a look at a spec shall we?
NOTE: THIS POST WAS MADE IN PATCH 4.0.3a pre cata look for a newer post if this is outdated.

Basically its your average arcane spec.
This spec is NOT for leveling. It provides optimal damage and survivability required for raiding.


Once youve got your spec going your gonna want some gem help.
As arcane mages the meta well use is a Chaotic skyflare diamond.

This meta is a +21% crit strike and a +3% damage bonus meta.
Once again OPTIMAL for damage.


As for your red sockets, just stick to Brilliant cardinal ruby for +20 intellect.


Now, blue sockets are important because they will activate the meta!
The optimal blue gem to use is Purified Dreadstone for +10 intellect & spirit.


Ah probably the most confusing of them all, go for the Reckless ametrine  for +10 intellect and +10 haste.


Now enchanting is VERY important. Choose wisely. 

Instead of listing all the enchants you could use (there are many) and it depends on your gold situation because there are lower quality versions of MANY of them.

Head on over HERE

That will help you find the right enchant your looking for. 
(Wowpopular is an EXCELLENT site, look around its really easy to use)

ROTATION....(Not much of a rotation anyway..)

This is probably the most IMPORTANT part of the whole thing. Yeah you could have the best enchants, gemming and spec.... but you need to know what buttons to press!

Here is a simple way of doing it!

  • Arcane Blast – This should stack to 4 , until you get a missile proc. If you hit 4 stacks of this keep using it until your missile barrage procs!
  • Once missile barrage procs - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 4 STACKS OF THE ARCANE BLAST BUFF and than missile barrage the shit out of your enemy! =D

  • After you use your missile barrage proc-  Use arcane barrage, this hits instantly for high damage and has a GREAT chance of proccing missile barrage again
  •  IF MISSILE BARRAGE PROCS AGAIN - Use it! And Arcane barrage again, if you dont get another missile barrage proc, go back to arcane blast!

  • Rinse and repeat!

Thats pretty much the basics!

There is a significant amount of DPS loss if you cant control yourself!

Save your cooldowns, mirror image etc. until bloodlust or heroism is popped!

Be sure to watch your threat! You DONT want to pull off the tank now do you? NO!

If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment! Thanks guys!