Sunday, January 9, 2011

90s cartoons

Man, growing up in the 90's was awesome. I used to wake up, LOVE going to school with all my little buds, and play in the park after school. Those were week days. As for weekends, maaaaaaaaaaan, infront of our 40 inch tube TV was where I was at.

I have to say that cartoons sure have lost there appeal. But well cover that in another blog post. Anyway, I cant really say I had a favorite, so heres a list of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, in no specific order! I hope this blog post brings back the same nostalgic feeling that I have right now.

1. Rugrats
The cast

Man this show holds some pretty sick nostalgia for me, and it may for you too. Ill never forget these characters. They all had distinct personalities. Chuckie was my favorite he was kind of like me, afraid of everything. Ill never forget sitting there saying "Yeah guys chuckie is right....why the hell would you want to go into the cave...."

The coolest part of this show was the way there adventrues were interpreted. You saw things the way they did. Getting lost in the plant section of a store to them, was like getting lost in a jungle. That was the coolest part about the show. You saw things through a kids eyes, and as a kid watching this ill never forget it.

2. Catdog
Cat & dog, simple as that!
This show was hilarious! The concept of this show was pure genius. I remember this show would come on right after rugrats. It was pretty much about a cat and a dog attached to one body. As you can tell thats not a good combination! I remember these guys used to fight. Dog was always stupid and hilarious and cat always played the protagonist as he acted all snarky to dog's behavior. They also lived with a mouse if I can remember correctly. Lets do a google search.

Haha here he is. The mouse on catdogs name is winslow. He would always get them into trouble from what I can remember, and he had a thick New York accent, so I could always relate to him =P. This guy was one of my favorite characters from the show.

3. Rocko's modern life
The cast.
 I cant remember much about this show as I can about the others because this one was on its way off the air when I began watching it. From what I can remember out of all the shows in this list, this one was the most interesting.  Rocko was a wallaby who moved from Australia to America and the show was basically about him and his friends and all the problems and adventures they got themselves into. This show had a great sense of humor and definitely made me laugh ALOT even when I was like 3.

4. Rocket Power
The cast.

This show was FULL of extreme sports. These guys would ride there skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, wake boards, skis, scooters, BMX bikes and roller blades ALL DAY LONG. There names were a bit odd if I can remember I think there was Otto, Reggie, Twister and Squid. I remember there was alot of family issues with Otto though, because he lost his mother when he was young. If I can remember the plot I believe the show was about these guys, sports and everyday kid problems like bullys and stuff. Once again INSTANT nostalgic classic. Although im not into sports and wasnt as a child this show still to this day will be a legend to me.

5. Spongebob
How could you not love him?
I know what you thinking. "Dude spongebob was around in the 90's?" YES. I remember watching the first few episodes of this cute yellow bastard in 1999. Spongebob is an old cartoon whether  you realise it or not. I feel like spongebob is the only good cartoon that still remains on TV. What else is there to say? Yes I know, hes a bit obnoxious but the show is funny as hell. Him and Patrick are so freaking stupid. My favorite episode is when they make the colored burgers and try to sell them and end up making millions and him and Patrick have so much money they start giving it away in buckets!

6. Doug
There he is, the one and only, Doug.
This show....was a masterpiece. The god dam theme song was MAGICAL!!!!!!! The show follows the life of this (strange)kid Doug Funnie. Once again its got the same plot as most of the others. Doug finds himself dealing with life as a kid. Ill never forget the themesong.
Have a listen to it. Theres just something about that I will NEVER forget. So nostalgic.....

7. The wild thornberrys 
Most interesting cast of all time.
This show is one of the most interesting. It follows the life of Eleiza Thornberry and her really interesting family as they move from place to place videotaping animals and animal life. Her brother was a bit caveman like, her sister was really emo and her parents are funny as hell. Her dad was a bit of an idiot though. This show had alot of animal loving in it. No not that kind but this show really taught me when i was young that animals are fragile, and need to be treated right. This show really set itself apart from the rest and was simply amazing.

The hosts
Oh my god. The laughs that this show gave me as a kid. This show was a bit odd. Basically there were hosts Henry and June. They would introduce smaller shows or shorts. There were a bunch of different short videos they would introduce and I loved them all. There were some with action figures called Action League Now! They were so dumb those guys. Oh MAN. This show was really good though. They shows so many funny random clips of specific characters that the shows had. Im pretty sure this show almost killed me from laughter.

9. Hey Arnold!
The cast.
Football head! Hahaha! Instant classic. It follows the life of a fourth grader named Arnold who doesn't know his parents :( saddest part of the show, and his predicaments him and his friends get into. This show had alot of life lessons in it. Being nice to others, treating elders with respect and also opened my eyes to alot of life problems people faced. Arnold didnt know his real parents, and didnt even know why they left him which is why he lives with his grandparents in a boarding house full of characters. The boarding house had alot of funny people in it. It was my favorite part of the show.

I just want to thank you guys for reading this post. I hope it holds alot of memories for you, and maybe even reminded you of some of them. These shows really taught me alot of important things about respect and just life itself when I was young, and thats something that alot of cartoons today cant really say at all.

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  1. Hey Arnold was the one! What about angry beavers and cow and chicken though?

  2. watched a few episodes of hey arnold, rockos modern life and catdog the other day and remembered seeing all of them haha. have no idea how the writers of some of these shows come up with this weird shit i swear they must be high

  3. I can't even recall watching angry bevers or cow and chicken for some reason.... They're awesome cartoons and I've seen em before but idk.. Don't remember seein them as a kid

  4. Rocket Power was the one. Seriously raaaaaadical.